We all have milestone days in our lives.  Many of us have more than one.  My milestone day was in 2016.  It was not my first milestone day, and it will not be the last.  It was however the one day that has truly forced me to step back and take stock of what life has offered me and what opportunities lie ahead.

You see, on that day I was in a life-altering motorcycle crash.  The outcome of any motorcycle crash is not good, and mine was no different.  The following day, I underwent surgery to have my right leg amputated above the knee.  On that day, my life as I knew it became unlimBited.




Not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent. Life outlook for disabled persons and able persons alike.

“the range of possible adaptations was unlimBited.”

synonyms: inexhaustible, limitless, illimitable, boundless, immeasurable, incalculable, untold, infinite, endless, bottomless, never-ending

What’s Next?

So, what was next for me then?  And what is next for me now?  As you can imagine, the loss of a limb requires an extended recovery period.  In that period, there is ample time for reflection.  With that reflection comes uncertainty and certainty alike.  Inspiration and insights that lead into the future come from a multitude of sources.  Some of them are unlikely.  Many of them are worth sharing.  Why?  Because it’s knowledge, good knowledge, that can help individuals from all walks of life.

Time to Share

This is when it is time for me to share.  I will pull out the wonderful connections I have in everyday life.  I will share it with you, and I will share it with the person next to you.  Plus, you can share with me.  Your response to the items that are published will help shape a journey through life.  Your contribution will help shape the next step, the next mile, the next stop in the road.  It’s a journey that we can all share.  One that is full of great sights, sounds and smells.  It will take many turns and encounter all matter of elements.  Let’s embark on this journey together.  Let’s be #unlimBited.