More than ever, we live in a world of charity.  It’s a time of Go Fund Me, You Caring and many other fund sourcing sites.  It’s a world of ribbons and galas.  It’s a world of tin boxes with coin slots beside cash registers.


Charity has always been a part of a strong community.  The first people of the world settled in communities, which allowed them to share the challenges and hardships that they faced.  Together they built a life and prospered.

How nice then, that our modern forms of charity are so far reaching.  How wonderful that they can bring together strangers from outside communities, to create an even bigger and stronger community.  Generosity within the community transcends former barriers.  A mutual interest brings a new kinship.


Giving takes many forms.  It can be money, but it can be time, love, advice, interest.  It can be as simple as a smile.  Its essence is sharing, by taking the time, even just a moment, to reach out to a make an impact.


As I face my personal challenges, I have been the recipient of charity in many forms.  Through this charity, I have gained strength.  The loneliness that could torment me has been chased away by the generosity of several individuals.  I am cared for.  I am part of a community.  I belong.

Our Community

In the coming weeks, I hope to tell you about a few interesting communities that have come to the forefront of my life.  Some of them were built by charity.  Others by need.  In telling you about them, I wish to acknowledge the time, energy and caring by ALL the people who have touched my life.  They all have my gratitude.

And you can tell me about yours.  Who helped you with something that is important to you?  Who has made a difference in your life?  Who has earned your respect through their generosity?  I’d like to share in your gratitude.  Together we can be part of a community of kindness. Together our charity can be #unlimBited.