On a life-changing day in 2016, Barbara Daley was riding her motorcycle when she was involved  in a collision with another vehicle. The horseback riding and yoga enthusiast was airlifted to hospital where she underwent two surgeries to amputate her right leg. The months that followed provided Barb with ample time for reflection.  Always, it was her goal to seek out the positive and find a way to share that perspective with others.

Being UnlimBited is a sharing site.  With it, Barb shares the insights and experiences she has had, which inspire her.  With it, she also shares wonderful messages gleaned from others who have met challenges head-on, and who have discovered ways to make life more fulfilling.

Being UnlimBited is a perspective on life, and one that Barb hopes will leave the reader wanting to reach for their own goals.  It is her hope, that together, we can embark on a journey of fulfillment.  And that together our lives will be truly #unlimBited.