Being UnlimBited

A Journey to Fulfillment


Barbara Daley

On a life-changing day in 2016, Barbara Daley was riding her motorcycle when she was involved in a collision with another vehicle. The horseback riding and yoga enthusiast was airlifted to hospital where she underwent two surgeries to amputate her right leg. The months that followed provided Barb with ample time for reflection. Always, it was her goal to seek out the positive and find a way to share that perspective with others. Being UnlimBited is a sharing site. With it, Barb shares the insights and experiences she has had, which inspire her. With it, she also shares wonderful messages gleaned from others who have met challenges head-on, and who have discovered ways to make life more fulfilling. Being UnlimBited is a perspective on life, and one that Barb hopes will leave the reader wanting to reach for their own goals. It is her hope, that together, we can embark on a journey of fulfillment. And that together our lives will be truly #unlimBited.

Part of a Community

Last Saturday, as motorcycle season had started to come to a close, a group by the name of One Broken Biker brought Edmonton riders out for their annual charity poker run.  One Broken Biker, also known as OBB, is based... Continue Reading →

Man’s Best Friend

“Man’s best friend” is a phrase that we attribute to our dogs.  It’s an old phrase.  According to Wikipedia it’s first recorded use was by Frederick the Great, who was King of Prussia from 1740 until 1786.  Anyone who has... Continue Reading →

Making a Difference

It’s been just over a year since the motorcycle accident that lead to the amputation of my right leg.  With the reflections that come with that, I am reminded of all the things that, if done differently, could have gone... Continue Reading →

Emily’s Ride

When I was still riding my motorcycle, I always enjoyed participating in some of the charity rides that were run in communities close to home.  It was a great way to get out, discover new routes, meet like-minded people, and... Continue Reading →

Charity: It’s a Life Changer

More than ever, we live in a world of charity.  It’s a time of Go Fund Me, You Caring and many other fund sourcing sites.  It’s a world of ribbons and galas.  It’s a world of tin boxes with coin... Continue Reading →

Facing Uncertainty by Embracing Change

Everyone faces uncertainty.  It’s a fact of life.  Even learning to walk.  We put one foot in front of the other, shift our weight, ever so tentatively lift the other foot and swing it to the front.  Our first step!... Continue Reading →

Being UnlimBited: The Next Step

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